roma, Romania
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  • Design & Media


Winner- LG Company photo-reportage contest "Story from my street"with Sperantei 24 project Winner -photography contest Sony -Ericsson - Smile Shutter Winner- U.E. photography contest, international photo contest 2009. 2007: Participation at the International Scenography Quadrienal-Prague Graphic draft : 2005-brand design for Senso Television 2005-Graphic design Art book cover -“De la text la imaginea scenica” 2006-Shuting-board for a spot- Fuchs by AIM. 2006-Concept, drawing, story-board for La Mignnone - Capricorn adv. 2006-Graphic Concept for Effie Awards, Capricorn Advertising 2006-Story board for water advertising clip, Capricorn Advertising 2009-Design and graphic concept for concert poster- A.G.Weinberger 2009-Graphic design for La Nuci- t-shirts and advertising totem banner. 2009-Graphic concept for Targ-usor 2009-Design concept for a private Cinema- graphic layouts and design Design concept: ING Private Banking- event years 30-Ogilvy 2009: Personal project: -" Come to life "-personal project and design and wall/street painting for a historical building in the old Bucharest 2009: Scoatem arta in strada!!- personal contemporain art project -video projection hand made art 2009-2010: Targ-usor 1,2,3,4,5 edition - thematic events concept that brings together modern art and hand-made art edition no 5 Christmas event- for Deja-Fu Cafe 2009-2010: stylist, photography TV Pro-Bg Sofia, Bulgaria- Happy Hour Stylist in chief,styling- Book concept and designer for ProBG Media, Sofia , Bulgaria- for Happy Hour show and Money Trap show. Personal project Put me on the map- Europe 2010, alone in Europe, on motorcycle. Photography exhibition , Bucharest, Romania, 2011- 2012: Photographer,videographer for MSC Cruising Company, 2014- present- Art studio opened in Rome, Italy

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digital manipulated photography

digital art


ink, colored ink , acrilic on paper


art photography, street ans still life photography

Design & Media

Audio editing
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Camera Tracking
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Corporate Identity
Punti di forza: 7 / 10
Cover Design
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Fotografia Digitale
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Moda design
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Graphic Design
Punti di forza: 6 / 10
Logo Design
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Product design
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Produzione Video
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Punti di forza: 8 / 10


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