palermo, Italia
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hi , I am an engineer-Building Architect. Admitted to the world of Autodesk certification, in addition to "3ds Max 2015 Certified Professional Certificate" are in possession of certification "Chaos Group V-Ray" and "ACI Adobe" Photoshop CS6. During my professional experience I was able to put into practice the knowledge gained on the 3D modeling and rendering, consolidating my skills especially in architecture in its various scales of intervention and in the interior design. My skills also affect the design and realization of graphic products of various kinds. Comparing them with different realities and an international environment I was able to develop my creative skills and the spirit of cooperation, in order to create a job that will fully meet the needs of customers. My qualities are reliability, maximum effort, accuracy and desire to grow professionally. Thank you in advance for your kind attention; i hope to can cooperate with you asap

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