Portfolio , 2014

Questo portale nasce con l’intento di diventare il punto di riferimento per gli utenti della rete che vogliono essere aggiornati su tutto ciò che accadde a Castellabate o su tutto ciò che Castellabate rappresenta. CilenTiAmoci inoltre, con i suoi contenuti, ha l’intento di promuovere e far conoscere Castellabate, le altre frazioni del comune e la zona del Cilento oltre i suoi confini naturali.

GRIMD: grimd for molecular dynamics , 2013

We have created a system for distributed molecular dynamics (GRIMD) that is very easy to install and to run even for non-skilled scientists. GRIMD permits to exploit pc resources that in any department remains idle to run a large variety of calculations: from molecular dynamics to flexible docking, virtual screening and steered molecular dynamics.

YADAMP: yet another database of antimicrobial peptides , 2012

YADAMP is born to facilitate the access to important information on AMPs. Particular attention is given to short alpha helix peptides interacting with cell membranes. At the moment, the database contains 2525 manually annotated sequences. YADAMP permits a quick and easy search of peptides on the base of their activity (expressed as MIC against several bacterial strains) and of their structure.

Web & Programmazione

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