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Astrolabio Solutions S.r.l.

Porto San Giorgio, Italia
3.74 Score: 3.74/10 Score
3 Lingue




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Web & Programmazione
Vendite e marketing
Servizi alle imprese
Design & Media


Astrolabio Solutions is a Digital Business studio. We have the opportunities to turn everything that is concept, ideas and projects into reality. We cross from financial to digital area, work to grow up our clients in different area. You can ask everythings yo
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VRIENTS IS MAPPING THE EMERGING STYLE OF MEN'S FASHION Vrients fashion is about an original meaning: an approach to style, a way of understanding beauty, a measure to dress well.

E-commerce che vende parafarmaci, alimentato da due base dati, con controllo della vendibilità attraverso Farmadati. Piattaforma realizzata in Magento.


We have been operating for over thirty years in the textile screen printing, screen printing service offering to anyone wanting to customize with your own brand T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. E-commerce with customization t-shirts.


Web & Programmazione

total average: 9.042553191489361/10

.NET 9.0/10

AJAX 9.0/10

AngularJS 5.0/10

AppleScript 7.0/10

ASP 9.0/10

ASP.NET 9.0/10

Backup 10.0/10

C 8.0/10

C# 8.0/10

C++ 8.0/10

CRM 9.0/10

CSS 10.0/10

Data Integration 10.0/10

Data Structures 10.0/10

Data Warehousing 9.0/10

EJB 8.0/10

ERP 10.0/10

Google Android 9.0/10

HTML 10.0/10

HTML5 9.0/10

Java 9.0/10

Javascript 9.0/10

JDBC 8.0/10

Joomla 9.0/10

JQuery 9.0/10

JSP 9.0/10

Linux 9.0/10

Mac OS X 9.0/10

Magento 10.0/10

MySQL 9.0/10

node.js 7.0/10

Objective-C 8.0/10

PHP 10.0/10

SOAP 10.0/10

Social Networking 9.0/10

Software Testing 9.0/10

SQL 10.0/10

Symfony 8.0/10

VB.NET 10.0/10

VBA 10.0/10

Visual Basic 10.0/10

Windows 9.0/10

WordPress 10.0/10

XHTML 10.0/10

XML 10.0/10

XSLT 10.0/10

Zend 9.0/10

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Vendite e marketing

total average: 9.3/10

Branding 9.0/10

Google AdSense 9.0/10

Google AdWords 10.0/10

Google Analytics 10.0/10

Google Webmaster Central 10.0/10

Internet Marketing 9.0/10

SEM 9.0/10

SEO 9.0/10

SEO 9.0/10

Social Media Marketing 9.0/10

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Servizi alle imprese

total average: 8.0/10

Business Consultancy 8.0/10

Business Intelligence 8.0/10

Business Strategy 8.0/10

Data Entry 8.0/10

Email Handling 8.0/10

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Design & Media

total average: 9.0/10

Webdesign 9.0/10


Web Services




Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Visual Studio


SQL Server