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milano, Italia
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Riassunto Competenze

  • Design & Media
  • Vendite e marketing
  • Servizi alle imprese
  • Traduzione


.Languages Italian (native), English (Intermediate), Spanish (Advanced), French (Intermediate) .Computer skills and competences Adobe CS6 (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premier) Maxon (Cinema 4D), Wordpress. Advertising, Brand Identity, Corporate Identity, Typography, Calligraphy, Illustration. .Social skills I like to work in group across all phases of a project, both in leading or supporting roles, respecting and valuing other people’s ideas and views. I have extensive experience in taking or challenging creative briefs and in handling client needs and expectations. . Organizational skills I have planned and delivered complex projects on brief/ on time/ on budget, identify- ing and pursuing the best available solution even when unforeseen events have occurred ,interpreting at best the client needs and personality. Sales skills, strong problem solving.

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Blackstone , 2015

Extreme is a recording studio based in Terni. The logo is a lettering "handmade" drawn with a brushpen being properly for the study, making original and his strong personality. The institutional colors green and orange are respected throughout the corporate identity.

Black Stone , 2015

Located in New York in the Bronx borough. For this work we chose a type of very traditional style, to convey the quality of products from beverages and foods. The logo BlackStone is a "Handmade," a typographic style original designed properly for the customer to distinguish the brand name of the franchise.

Maztek , 2015

Advertising and 3D modeling, for the tour in North America of Maztek. In the last 18 months, the traces of Maztek have become a staple in a diverse selection of ever-expanding DJ set label. Known for its craftsmanship dancefloor oriented drum and bass productions Maztek devastate not only between clubs of land, but also through the charts every time they are released.

Design & Media

Direzione artistica
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Corporate Identity
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Cover Design
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Fotografia Digitale
Punti di forza: 1 / 10
Punti di forza: 1 / 10
Graphic Design
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Design Carta Intestata
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Logo Design
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Punti di forza: 6 / 10
Product design
Punti di forza: 9 / 10
Visual Effects
Punti di forza: 6 / 10

Vendite e marketing

Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Comunicazione Internazionale
Punti di forza: 7 / 10

Servizi alle imprese

Consulenza aziendale
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Business Development
Punti di forza: 1 / 10


Punti di forza: 1 / 10


Arte Moda Lifestyle


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