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At the age of 10, Francesco Stefanini began designing his own newspapers on an Olivetti Lettera 33 typewriter. A decade later, the graphic designer was still firmly ahead of this time, but now as a forerunner in the creation of digital art, for which he was awarded a digital art prize that saw his work gain wide exposure. From that moment on, Francesco decided to dedicate himself to his dual passions of graphic design and music. His process starts off hands-on, inspired by collage techniques which he later digitises.

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Lato - Architecture Studio , 2016

“Lato” is an Italian studio of young architects, based in Rome - Italy Lato is the Italian word for “Side”

Vijaya , 2015

Vijaya is an Editorial and Media Group based in Rome (Italy) that asked me to create his own Visual Identity. I started from his name that means "Victory" in vietnamese language. The association with the "v for victory" historical campaign and Its symbol was immediate.

Studio Dentistico Pellicano , 2014

The Pellicano family managed this studio for over 20 years and asked me to re-brand their image starting from the logo to the brand image and the interior design of the studio. The customer request was to see the face of a pelican. So I tried to unite the shape of a tooth together with the head of a pelican in order not to lose in the logo the "core business"

Design & Media

Corporate Identity
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Fotografia Digitale
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Graphic Design
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Logo Design
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Punti di forza: 10 / 10

Web & Programmazione

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Punti di forza: 10 / 10


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