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Creative ideas and graphic designer: that's what I am. I consider myself an artist instead an adman or a designer like everybody else. In fact I live and I create as an artist. I create cool web sites, visionary mail marketing and adword campaigns, premium logos, posters, flyers and much more. I do all these things with love and care. I follow my inspiration. I often work all night long, creating exactly as artist cliché. I like creative part of my job: If a project attracts me, I'll have a very explosion of ideas. That's what I am. I select my clients, cause I'm a visionary, and I don't like people afraid about that. If you're looking for someone could really change your image, maybe you've just found himself. Descrizione del servizio: My most important goal is make you cool. My services: -Web design and home page design: My goal is to create cool websites to attract people and improve business. I'm a communication expert so I know exactly what you need to push the envelope -Mail marketing: Campaigns that work. You've to break through customer distrust about commercial e-mail. I provide visual communication and copywriting that capture attention. -Poster and Magazine campaigns: I provide very fashionable ideas to talk to your customers. Communication must be like a slap: people will remember you, I guarantee. -Flyer, brochure, business card: I define your message more powerful, incisive and remarkable you ever seen. -(Un)conventional marketing: Viral marketing, guerrilla marketing, tv commercial... Ideas that break stereotype communication.

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Tepacap is an unusual theme park. It's located in France and It's the right place where stay in nature, make some sport and be happy.

ViaShuttle , 2012

ViaShuttle is a airport transfer broker. I developed all visual communication, from identity to website.

Twago Mail Marketing 2012

I won a Twago contest and I had opportunity to create a new mail marketing campaign.

Design & Media

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Corporate Identity
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Graphic Design
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Design Carta Intestata
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Logo Design
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Punti di forza: 10 / 10

Web & Programmazione

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