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employee Colallilo Trasporti December 2003 - January 2006 Accountant invoicing clerk, accommodation bubbles and ordinary accounting grafik Particolare November 1999 - November 2003 Graphics, station Macintosh and PC Programs Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, Quark Express even the slightest knowledge. Excellent knowledge of Word and Excell, knowledge of internet browsing. Direct contract with clients, banks and troubleshooting management of their own business. Assistant Manager Alucart Spa June 1997 - October 1999 Assistant production manager, in charge of the preparation of "work orders" obtained by the combination of multiple orders on the basis of the technical characteristics typical of the type of printing (Flexographic and Lithographic); the same were studied to obtain a sequence such as to avoid the times of preparation machine (Set-up) excessive. employee CTM srl Cartotecniche Meridionali June 1994 - May 1997 Employed to prepress (station Macintosh) color selection for your printing needs in spot color or full color, overall coordination of production with a predisposition going to print according to the orders and combinations of bands and colors, check printing (flexographic), control and responsibility for goods leaving (agreements with carriers for cargo destination goods), raw materials inventory control and accountability, control and management of customer orders and sellers (check with a production budget) management and control turnover sellers with counting their commission, control bubble loading and unloading goods . Education High school degree Liceo Scientifico 1982 - 1986

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Vendite e marketing

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E-mail marketing
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Design & Media

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Servizi alle imprese

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Ricerche / Ricerche di mercato
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Scrittura per bambini
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