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Udine, Italia
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I started programming very early and I wrote my first software for a truck company when I was 14 in the first half of 1984. The application was written in gwbasic and it has been on duty for more than 10 years. Since then I developed application on every single company I've been working making it my main job after I got my bachelor in International Business Studies at the University Of Wales, Great Britain. When I went on business I immediately have chosen Delphi as developing tool. Through the years I outsourced various software from accounting, management, items handling, warehouses, food companies; in the last 10 years I focused on merging all my business and management knowledge in a software delivered for the Italian market named d.a.r.Win© an ERP dedicated for small to medium sized companies. I have a very good experience with Delphi's Pascal language when writing Windows compatible executable and services for headless servers or recursive background tasks. I also write windows services that encapsulates web servers and are capable on producing RIA (Rich Internet Applications) running on customer's servers. I am very good on listening and collecting customer's needs, then engineering a software solution and customizing according to the end-user indications. As for my Delphi knowledge customization and modification of the existing code is quick and effective; since the number of my customers raised through the years I have to be fast and effective in order to optimize timing and earnings. Performance is always been a main goal of my applications; rather than pretending new hardware I try to optimize existing code to achieve better speed or stability. In short my skills cover: Embarcadero Delphi development Database Applications (SAP Advantage Database Server, CodeBase,MySql) Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Server

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d.a.r.Win , 2006

Through all my programming career I had customers willing for different business applications; we then decided to merge all these small applications in a general-purpose business software we called d.a.r.Win© which stands for 'database, accounts and reports for Windows'.

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