Davide Fornelli

Milano, Italia
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Italian Machine Learning expert with NLP experience and coding skills. My domains of competence are: Data Analysis, Machine Learning with Software Engineering skills. Data Analysis: I can apply the transformation of text-to-matrix to not structured data, by applying different techniques of cleaning, noise reduction, numeric representation (i.e. boolean, tf, idf, normalized, etc). Machine Learning: Over the last three years I acquired experience in the machine learning field, learning the main classification techniques (i.e. SVMs, Naive Bayes), how to use them properly (i.e. choosing the right parameters), knowing lacks and strengths. My main know how is in manipulating and classifying not structured data written in the Italian language by applying text mining and natural language processing techniques. Software Engineering: My softwares were implemented in Java, using Weka for applying the analysis. For manipulating the data, Python was used as scripting language. If the project requires other coding language, there is no particular problem, since my goal is to increment my portfolio, and my experience would make it easy to happen. My experience goes across all the stages of a machine learning based software: Data manipulation: - management of different source files types (i.e. csv, tsv, txt, xls) - cleaning, removing noise - removing stopwords -segmentation - tokenization (i.e. lines-to-ngrams) Identification of the problem: - classification - clustering Selection of the appropriate algorithm on the basis of the product needs: - accuracy (validation of the algorithm i.e. k-fold) - computational time - computational resources Software implementation: - projecting - development - testing - release less

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Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Since the main projects that I have done where while working for companies, I cannot make them public.

Classification Techniques for Data Loss Prevention

Web & Programmazione

Data Mining
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