Milano, Italia
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Hi! I am a motion designer and art director from Milano and Desenzano del Garda, Italy. I'm specialised in style frames, 2D & 3D animations, visual effects ed explainer video. As a freelance I mostly work in entertainment industry even if I love to experience the potential of motion graphics and VFX into different communication fields.

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FoodSaving BEC , 2014

Explainer video of #FoodSavingBEC, Bocconi Expo2015 Competition. Bocconi University offers a framework to study food waste and start searching for new solutions. They are looking for 200 undergraduate students who won’t back down from a challenge.

DC Neon Dust , 2014

Proposal for a brand new series of graphic for skate Shoes. Crative Idea: Triangles of RedNeon and DarkLowPoly splash as 3D dust and mud from the skate. DarkBlue Shoe + MotionTrail + RedNeon/DeepBlue

Sky Sport - Serie A pack , 2014

Here's my contribution to the new Sky Serie A promo package. 2D & 3D design and animation of the Elevator, Lower Third and End Pages.

Design & Media

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