Calamus, company producing stylus pens

Illustration of Calamus products. Technical and structural representation of Calamus products, showing the printable area and the functioning of the mechanism.

Uebba - web agency

The development of a characterful concept to bring Yo Soy Feliz 'to life'. Design of a logo for the e-shop and deep research into "Uebba" personality and style, before creating bespoke illustrations of "Uebba" and her accessories; each of which was designed to represent different divisions of the website.

Yo Soy Feliz - Clothes Shop

To come up with a fresh take on a brand identity and style as well as supportive marketing collateral for the shop online. "Yo soy feliz" manufactures a line of clothes for woman, girl and baby very original and this makes the brand easily recognizable and very famous in southern Italy.

Design & Media

Corporate Identity
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Cover Design
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Fotografia Digitale
Punti di forza: 7 / 10
Flash Design
Punti di forza: 2 / 10
Graphic Design
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Design Carta Intestata
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Logo Design
Punti di forza: 10 / 10
Punti di forza: 6 / 10
Product design
Punti di forza: 8 / 10
Punti di forza: 2 / 10


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