Giancarlo Alberto SOMMA (OBS)

Lugano, Svizzera
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My professional history began in 1990, unfolds in a variety of roles over time has allowed me to deepen its technological knowledge, to perfect methods of approach to solving problems, improving capacity to coordinate people and projects, but above all I could enrich myself, and I had the satisfaction of enriching others through the continuous exchange of experiences and knowledge with the many people I was lucky to work. Of course I did not win all the numerous challenges that these twenty-two years I decided to tackle. In the professional and personal lives, even the failures are an opportunity for growth and maturation, the important thing is to play until the end own game with great passion and loyalty. In short, summarize some of my most meaningful experiences: • Responsible for IT projects • IT Manager • Product Manager • Analyst and Developer • Developer

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Web & Programmazione

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