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Luigi Maselli

Torino, Italia
2.94 Score: 2.94/10 Score
2 Lingue



Riassunto delle mie skill

Web & Programmazione
Vendite e marketing
Servizi alle imprese
Design & Media


I like to think, experiment and code web apps with new interesting javascript web technologies like ReactJS , MeteorJS and Webpack. In the past I've used Drupal, Ruby on Rails and PHP. I work mainly remotely with companies, startups on their product or I bui
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Restyling my blog

Vision - Eye sight test

Vision - Eye sight test

Esame della vista online Online sight test

Corso JavaScript


Web & Programmazione

total average: 9.0/10

Javascript 10.0/10

Linux 10.0/10

MySQL 7.0/10

node.js 10.0/10

PostgreSQL 6.0/10

Raspberry Pi 10.0/10

Unix 10.0/10

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Vendite e marketing

total average: 8.833333333333334/10

Affiliate Marketing 5.0/10

Branding 10.0/10

Google AdSense 10.0/10

Google AdWords 8.0/10

Google Analytics 10.0/10

SEO 10.0/10

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Servizi alle imprese

total average: 7.5/10

Business Development 7.0/10

Project Management 8.0/10

Design & Media

total average: 8.0/10

Webdesign 8.0/10


Web Services