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Ruby/Ruby on Rails Developer

Zaporizhzhia, Ucraina
5.4 Score: 5.4/10 Score
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Web & Programmazione


Hello, My name's Igor, I'm a professional Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer from Ukraine (GMT+3). I'm fond of programming and now I'm hungry for interesting and exciting job! I prefer interesting and challenging projects. Sometimes I can do frontend work but mostl
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Geo-Coordinates App

Geo-Coordinates App

This Simple *Rails-app* allows user to get geocoordinates of the location after entering the address. On the start page you can see a list of locations. Aso you can create a new location by entering the address, for example “St Pancras Station, London”. After that the location will be created: latitude and longitude will be displayed on the page.

A photo gallery with real-time chat

A photo gallery with real-time chat

This is a sample photo gallery where users can create different categories and upload pictures there. A user can comment and like pictures. If user uploads a picture, he can rename it or even delete it.

Simple Sign-up/login form

Simple Sign-up/login form

I've created this UI log in form from scratch. It can be suitable for every website. Stack of technologies: 1) PostgreSQL – I used it as a DB for storing users. 2) 'Devise' gem is using for user authentification. 3) 'Bootstrap-sass' gem – for styling.


Web & Programmazione

total average: 8.714285714285714/10

CSS 8.0/10

HTML5 8.0/10

Javascript 8.0/10

JQuery 8.0/10

PostgreSQL 9.0/10

Ruby 10.0/10

Ruby on Rails 10.0/10

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