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Skared Creations di Crocetti Francesco

Catanzaro, Italia
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Web & Programmazione


We are an italian startup lead by a senior programmer with many years experience in software, web and videogame programming. Descrizione del servizio: We offer programming services to build videogames (Unity3D), software (C#, VB-NET, VB) and web applications (
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Animal Plot

Animal Plot

Animal Plot is a 3D virtual cemetery where the users buy graves and decorations for their dead pets. Skared Creations developed all the game client features and the related Web Services, bringing a smooth user experience to this virtual world.

Friends Hangout

Friends Hangout

Worked as contributor on FriendsHangout social game, making many bugfixes and adding new features to that awesome game. Besides that, I created also two new features that will be available soon online in the game: a room where the players can customize their avatars; re-scripted new vehicles like HoverCraft, Buggy Car, Segway, Horse.

Unity3D, iOS

Implementation of the videogame "Domino Run" in Unity3D for iOS, released on AppStore for the customer "PYNTAIL LLC".


Web & Programmazione

total average: 8.571428571428571/10

.NET 9.0/10

AJAX 8.0/10

ASP 8.0/10

ASP.NET 8.0/10

C# 10.0/10

C++ 4.0/10

CSS 9.0/10

HTML 10.0/10

Javascript 10.0/10

JQuery 8.0/10

MySQL 10.0/10

PHP 10.0/10

VB.NET 8.0/10

Visual Basic 8.0/10

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