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800 - 1.500

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10/06/19 15.32

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Summary explanation of the tasks:

Macro 1: in a Word document where every word has a specific colour and one or more numbered labels (my[1] tailor[2] is[3][4][5]...) coloured as well, relocate every label missmatching the previous word (i.e., different in colour), placing it after the first word previous to this one wich has exactly the same colour of the label and is followed by no label at all).

Macro 2: with 2 Word documents open -one with a text in English where words are labelled but have no colour, and the other with a text in Spanish where words are labelled and have a specific colour- transfer the colour of the labelled and coloured words of the second document to the words (not coloured) in the first document that bear the same label.