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I have a Wordpress plugin which allows me to create forms/questionnaires. Each question has as answer choices Yes, No, and N/A. Each of them may or may not be associated with a word or phrase, which is later displayed as part of a final result. This plugin works perfectly, but only in English. I also want to make available the same exact activity in Spanish, that is to say, both languages  should be available simultaneously. HOWEVER, a regular translation plugin like the one by Google is Not an option. I need to have the option to enter customized specific text in Spanish. The one reason why I need to have this ability is because the Spanish words used in the results many times have both a female and male ending (this is because of the Genre in Spanish language). Example, Extrovertido (Male) or Extrovertida (Female). The words are exactly the same. What changes is the ending of the word, that is to say, it all depends on who is being described: if the questions are addressed to describe  either a man or  a woman. This is the reason why I cannot use a regular translation plugin: It is not able to identify when the person being described is female or male, so it does not change the ending of the word properly.

The fix, in this sense, is easy: currently at the beginning of the plugin there is an option for people to select the Gender of the person being described. The gender is currently associated with the pronouns in English (he or she) and their respective possessive adjectives (his or her). So, for Spanish such piece of code should be kept, and some *pieces of fixed text in the result should be changed (please see note at the bottom). Besides this a modification should be made in the code: now the plugin should also be able to associate the Gender with the ending of the Spanish words in the answers. Example: 

One of the questions will have the following answer options: 

Yes: Extrovertido (Male) - Extrovertida (Female). 

No:  Introvertido (Male)  - Introvertida (Female)

N/A:  .................. (Male) -  .................. (Female)

If the user selects at the beginning of  the form as Gender Female, then the system should immediately disable all the Male options.  Then, out of the Female options, there will be three options. Using the examples above, if the user selects as answer option Yes, then the associated word will be Extrovertida. If they select No, then the associated result will be Introvertida. And so on. 

*Note: The pieces of fixed text are some fields to complete at the beginnign of the form such as the words "Analyst Name" or "Gender" , etc. Also, the buttons "Submit", "Continue", etc. And when the result of the analysis is given, there is a sentence that introduces the result and such text is fixed in the English language (it is part of the  code. So, such pieces of text also need to be put in Spanish).  This is what it looks like and how it should be changed: 

Current way the fixed text in English looks like: "[person's name] thinks that [person's name or pronoun] looks in [his/her] profile:" 

In Spanish the fixed text should look like this: "[person's name] piensa que  [person's name or pronoun] se ve en su perfil:" 


Aside from the modifications explained above, the rest of the plugin functionalities should be kept the exact same way. The way it works now. The only modification is the one explained above. 


1. Can the modification described above be incorporated within the same plugin, like creating parallel phases, one for English and one for Spanish?


2. Should the plugin be duplicated and then modified, producing this way, two separate plugins? If this is the case, will these two plugins have a conflict to work within the same Wordpress website domain? So, should it be installed on a separate website domain?