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27/01/18 17.10

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Cerco un collaboratore che mi aiuti a perfezionare una applicazione per smartphone sviluppata con appsheet


I am an italian business accountant.

Appsheet is a great resource for no-coding app creators (For more see:
With Appsheet I have created a simple app in order to keep track of my expenses and my earnings. The app also gives a forecast of the taxes.   Data source are stored in a Google Spreadsheet file.

Your help is required to fine tune the app:
- adding some more Spreadsheet formula in order to query/sum/subtract data,
- optimize my formulas, with more sophisticated ones when needed.

- generally improve my app in appsheet, with your guidance over user xp,

- Icons and brand,

- other small fixes.

Honestly 80% of this task are very simple, believe me.

But sometime this tasks can be time consuming, specially for someone with small expertise in the field of mobile apps.
That's why I am looking forward for an help from someone proficient in Google Spreadsheet and Appsheet to contiinue from where I stopped.

Ps. Italian fiscal law can be very complex sometimes, but don't worry I will take care of it.

Actually I will take care of the majority of the work, I just need someone to work with me in order to help me when I to get stuck in Spreadsheet.

If you are interested I can whitelist you and give you access to the app I'm talking about so I will bee easier to you to see and understand my needs.

Thank you very much for your time.