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Dear friends,

I need an app for Android and Apple (but we can start with Android if it is easier and faster) which would allow the tourist to organize and manage its travels.

Such an app should include the following:

  • a short guide of the place (by schedules or smal boxes, with wording, photographs and links). On this point, the idea is to have an app for each city/country. At this first stage, I will start with the city of Rome. I will provide all the materials on this side. The app should anyway be built in such a way that it can be adapted to each city/country, just replacing the "guide" materials;
  • a full map service. One of the main features should be an integrated map service, if possible the google Maps, with a gps service, for the following actions: pin the map and save the places to visit, use the navigation system to move from a place to another.
  • a system which allows the planning of the trip (a planner including a calendar). This is the most important part: the tourist should be able to organize (and save) the travel by adding the number of days of the trip on a calendar and then by selecting from the guide (see above) the places to vitis. The customer shall be asked to specify on which date he wants to visit a certain place and the app should give me advices, like: "on that day the museum is closed", "considering that this museum takes at least 3 hours for a visit, it is not possible to visit also this monument on the same morning", etc. Moreover, this part of the app should also work as a sort of Outlook appointments service, by giving alarms to the customer with messages like: "you planned a visit to this museum at 3pm. Now it is 2pm and you should start moving if you want to arrive on time", etc. This part is the most complicated but probably it is more complex to explain than to program it, also considering that it mix existing functions.

This is the basis structure of the app: a simple app allowing a tourist to organize a trip from home and than manage it.

More information will discussed separately.

Apps like this already exist but I want a different product.

The budget is low but we can discuss a higher budget based on your suggestions.