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800 - 1.500

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17/11/19 13.08

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At the moment i am using a software called Jokersystemet to make betting coupons. It is originally made to horse race betting but it can be used also in the other type of bets. The software license is for the next year and after that it will not work anymore. Also the software has some limitations which make my work more complex. So i would like to develop a software of my own with the help of you.

Now to the features of the software...

1. When i open the software i want to choose how many matches and possible outcomes there are in the coupon. Each row is a match and each column is a certain result. In the 5to3 picture i have selected 5 matches and every match has 3 different outcomes. I have to be able to choose matches up to 20 and outcomes up to 30.

2. Next i might give points to every possible outcome and set a point limit to reduce the lines that not meet the limit criteria. In the point limits picture i have set the limit to 45 so all the lines where the point sum is more than the 45 points will be reduced.

3. Next i might give one ore more conditions to reduce more lines. In the conditions picture i have two conditions to each ticket. First match has to end up to result 1. Last two matches has to end up to results 2 or 3.

4. After i have set the point limits and the other conditions i am ready to create the coupons. In the coupons picture you can see that there are 18 lines that meet the point limit and the other conditions and those lines can be combined to two different tickets. The ticket amount has to be as small as possible. I do not want to 18 single tickets.

So here is the project in a nutshell. There are few small details what i want to the software to make it more easy to use but i get in to those if i find a person how has the skills to do this.