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08/08/15 20.29

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This job is about creating 3 Atom packages (for the github text editor ATOM) and uploading them to the atom data base (so that no manual installing is necessary)

1.) .planner The planner package allows you to create planners starting NOW and calculating the time-stamps when you've finished your subtasks.

e.g. you type today.planner

The .planner function should be analogous to the .timer function shown in this video Features to include: Times can be updated constantly (20 minutes becomes 10 minutes => new times are calculated).

Time-lines can always be deleted => new calculation, e.g.  "Knead" is finished => delete it, so that times are updated. Time-lines can always be set to ignore by Github markdown line-through (~linethrough~), has same effect as delection. The current task is displayed in the status bar as a count-down: e.g. in the video, when 7 Minutes are over:

today.planner 11:13 Knead 20 Minutes 11:33 Do something else.

Status bar shows: "11:20 Knead 13 Minutes". When the time is over, the next task is shown in the status bar (Do something else)

2.) Stopwatch .stopwatch creates a stop-watch mode, analogous to the one shown here:

3.) Live Markdown Formatting: When you're writing markdown, there should be some live markdown formatting, e.g. **bold** get **bold** (but in bold) _italics_ gets _talics_ (but in italics), i.e. the * and _ are not removed, but the text inbetween and the signs are shown in bold/italics. Headings become bold as well. Nested styles are supported. This features is more or less analogous to the one shown in the video here: (0:21) (It's imported that the syntax ** _ ... is not removed as in the youtube video, this video here is a bit different).

Please apply with an estimate of how much time/money you would need to complete this job. Please also specify if you have experiences with ATOM package programming.