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16/11/19 19.51

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Imagine I have two documents open in Word: document A (English original) and document B (traslation).

•    In document A, the words are labelled like this: My[1] tailor[2] is[3] rich[4]… (no colour)

•    In document B, the words are labelled as well, but with coloured labels: Mi[1] sastre[2] es[3] rico[4]… here, every labelled word has a specific Word colour.

With the document B "active" (visible on the screen) and the document A just open (but not active), the macro should give to every word in document A corresponding (in number) to a word in document B (even if the word itself is different) the same colour of the word in B. This means that if word number [1] in B is red, word number [1] in A must become red as well, and if word [122] in B is orange, word[122] in A will become orange. As a result, all the numbered words in document A must have exactly the same colour as the corresponding numbered word in B (the colours used will be the standard colours from the colour font menu of Word).