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1.500 - 3.000

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31/05/16 22.27

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This is stage one of what could be a much more extensive and long term project.  It involved taking an existing open source application and creating a WordPress plugin version of it (Free and Pro levels).  I'll ask for an NDA before proceeding with a detailed brief, so this is going to be fairly high level...

  1.  I hope to use the MySQL database from the open source version of application in the WP implementation.  Essentially, I want to copy it's fields and general structure. That should mean that we will be able to migrate any existing users of the application to our WP version, once we have a tool to extract their data (not part of this project). We can then build on that database for other functionality.

2.      I understand that the original application is built using Symfony framework which is not compatible with WP, so there is a limit to how much we can reuse, but the original application will also provide a valuable 'working example' of what we are aiming to achieve in the WP version.

3.  We'll need to add some functionality so the new application can 'phone home' some information if users consent and also integrate licencing for the pro-version.  Free version will have only two levels of user - "Admin" and "User" but the pro version will add a "Manager" level with access to some user information based on criteria like team membership of location.  I want to start with an application that is essentially a repository for collecting a range of information, but later add on analytics, management tools and other modules for specialist applications.  The idea is to offer a free basic utility for SME's that they can add to (much like the Woocommerce model, but it does a very different job).  Success with the initial project could lead to a lot of further work both in development and support, if that's of interest.  I'd like to get this launched in the Autumn, but don't have a precise schedule or budget at this stage so I'll be asking you for timelines etc. as part of the quote.

Expressions of interest will receive the NDA and once signed I'll be able to give you some more detail.