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1.500 - 3.000

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05/03/21 1.39

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Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Marino and I would like your collaboration to create a new mod project for the Emergency 20 game.

Emergency 20 is a real-time game simulator for managing emergency vehicles of different departments on the scene of accidents events, and is a very popular game among lovers of the genre.

( )

There are currently two main and popular mods for this game:

1) Wuppertal 1.2 ( )

2) Bieberfelde Next Generation 0.1 ( )

These two mods made by "different" Germans developers already include all the textures, assets and scripts necessary.

-- The goal of this project is to add the assets, textures and scripts of one mod to another;

    to create a right mix between these two mods.

    ( I would like to have the fleet of emergency vehicles of both mods together ) --

-- Before continue, I want to clarify that "I am not the developer of the game", I have no

    experience in the industry, I work in the world of tourism and I am just a lover of video games,

    for this reason I am looking for professionals to carry out this project --

Please, If you don't know the game in question and the two different main mods, I invite you to try it or watch some gameplay videos on youtube of the two mods to get a clear idea of the work to be done.

YouTube links:

- Base game:

- Wuppertal mod gameplay:

- Bieberfelde Next Generation mod gameplay:

If you decide to take the job, we may work on further changes to the game in the future.

Think about it, and when you can let me know, the length of the job and the overall price for this kind of work.

Budget is not a problem.

Thanks for your attention

Best regards