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 80s to 2020: Rise of Haryana Film Industry

Haryanvi language is the swag of Haryanvi people. And Haryanvi dialogues are the main point of attention in Haryanavi Film industry. Starting from Dharti (1968), the first Haryanvi movie to a superhit movie Chandrawal (1984) to the movies of 2020, film industry of Haryana changed a lot. Haryana movies are not that much liked but Haryanvi songs are liked just opposite to it. If A Haryanvi movie is Earth then the Haryanvi song is Moon.

Chandrawal(1984) directed by Devi Shankar Prabhakar and lead role played by Usha Sharma, Jagat Jakhar, Nasib Singh Kundu and Daryav Singh Malik became The First Commercial Superhit Haryanvi Movie.

Movies like Dangal, Sultan, NH-10, Lal rang, Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola etc are movies liked by the people most, in all these movies Haryanvi dialogues and language is used. Dangal was a movie that broke all records by earning more than 2000 Crore. And this movie was completely based on Haryana. But on the other hand, popularity of Haryanvi movies, Haryanvi shows i.e Haryanvi Natak etc are not that much. 

From song "Hatt ja Tau" sung by Vikas Kumar to song "Feelings" sung by Sumit Goswami, all gets hit. Fans of Haryanvi songs are increasing rapidly. Songs like Chetak, Sandal, Solid body, Gajban paani ne chali, tagdi, ohla, Haryana roadways, Feelings, etc are some of the superhit songs which have the power to replace bollywood and hollywood songs. Parties of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and other states without Haryanvi songs are like "Namkeen without Salt". 

"Desi" is the Trend whether it is Desi look or Desi language or Desi girl. People attract to desi dialogues. A song "Desi Desi na bolya kar Chhori re" launched 2 year ago became one of the superhit song. Recently launched song "Feelings" by Sumit Goswami got 180 Million views in just one month and became one of the most superhit song of 2020. 

In Haryana, Singers like Gulzaar Chhaniwala, Ajay Hooda, Sumit Goswami, Gajender Phogat, Diler Kharkiya, Masoom Sharma and Raju Punjabi are the pride of Haryanvi Songs. 

Don't you think, someone who is one of the most popular one is missed? 

Yes, You are Right. She is Sapna Chaudhary. Her dance make the songs more popular among the people. She is a point of attraction among Haryanvi actresses and dancers. From Ragni to Songs she got good success.

Haryana Film industry is rising rapidly due to the superhit songs. Adoption of more creativity, more smart work and good stories like Dangal (of Aamir Khan) will result in rapid success of Haryanvi movies and Haryanvi Film Industry.