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800 - 1.500

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14/09/15 13.21

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Ciao a tutti,

ho bisogno di un User Management System che permetta agli utenti di creare un accoun, fare il login, modificare il profilo, login con facebook, logout etc.

L'architettura deve essere API restful (che userò in futuro da un'app) + front end in Angular o simili + pannello di controllo admin in Angular o simili.

Deve essere costruito rispettando tutti gli ultimi standard e le best practices.

PREFERIREI partire da un software gia fatto, open source o a pagamento, e utilizzare templates sia per il front end che per l'admin (ci sono template a posta).


Proseguo in inglese.

The main parts of this work will be: ================== - THE API A well organized restful API, written in PHP (you can user any framework and open source project). Well commented: we will user a documentator software to create the documentation (  We will use the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) syntax The APIs will be also used on a mobile app that other developers are building. ================== - THE CLIENT FOR USERS Written using a good JS framework, maybe a good HTML/css template. It will use all the API endpoints in ajax, so no PHP code and no mysql queries are allowed on the front end. The result will be a sort of website with: create an account, confirm via email, login with facebook, login form, logout, forgot password, my profile, edit profile, change picture ================== - THE CLIENT FOR ADMINS A dashboard where a super admin can add/remove/ban users, check their profiles. It will be great if we use a bootstrap/angular template such as: (i bought it) ----------- I would like to use any existing piece of software, any open source solution. For example, this is what i found, and why it's not perfect for me: - i bought it, it seems perfect. There are some functionalities missing. - PHP-rocker: it's very good, it's fully restful, it's missing some functionalities. It's a perfect API starting point, but it misses totally the front end. - seems good, but i wasn't able to find the API docs, and i have to better understand the license. - it's very well done, but it doesn't have restful API - it's a very good starting point. ===================  Please bid and tell me how you want to manage this job, what framework you would use, what you have ready or what open source software you will use. I'll be happy to buy any script on (or similar).  PLEASE NOTE THAT I PREFER YOU TO USE AN EXISTING SCRIPT, AND CUSTOMIZE IT.FOR  Thanks