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ATTENZIONE: descrizione in ITALIANO in allegato (.pdf) al progetto.


I am italian mother language, so I hope I'm able to make myself understood in outlining the project requirements. Please feel free to ask for more or clarifications.

ENGLISH - Project description.
Restricted area for displaying photo galleries from dbase.

Front and back end.


Javascript libraries are indicated (eg. Shadowbox) for browsing and displaying images, and PHP+MySQL for development of the photographic gallery front and back end and the account registering features on the site.
These statements are not binding.
The project is indeed open to different development solutions suggested or proposed by the supplier, that may have already developed or open-source and help to contain the budget. Provided that they meet the functional requirements defined.

Follows an indicative description of functional specific requirements.

Objective: To design and develope of a system (or configuration and customization of a solution already developed or open-source) for displaying images picking from a dbase, in a username and password restricted area to be integrated in a XTHML and css website.

Restricted login area.
The area of the website that allows browsing and search the photogallery, must be protected from unauthorized access with username and password.
On the front end of the website, must be implemented a registration form that sends the request to the system administrator. Approximately with the following fields:
    * Name
    * Last Name
    * Email
    * Username
    * Password
    * repeat Password
    * accept privacy policies

The system administrator must be able to receive requests via email or directly on the pages of back-end system. Must be able to accept requests for access to the private area submitted by users on the website, manage users and delete members and / or modify data.
The system must be able to send automatic email notification to users of status and operations done (such as the registration).
Username and password must be defined by users through the registration request form.

Photographic Archive dbase.
The photographic material of the archive will be managed by a dbase that allows loading and cataloging. From the back-end system, the administration must be able to perform these basic operations:
    * Load images (JPG format, ...)
    * Attach information to each image,
    * Edit and delete informations and pictures.

Front-end users can search the database according to fields of information associated with photos, browse and view thumbnails of images (including associated information) with a soluytion like shadowbox javascript. The js has to dynamically collect data from dbase.

Note: The photographic images in the database consists of schoolchildren: the level of security and confidentiality of dbase and pages generated by the system should therefore be particularly high. At the end of a browsing session, user should be logged out automatically.

Thanks in advance for your attention and answering,