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22/02/17 17.24

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I do not know yet what kind of logo I want.

The logo will have more than one colour.

My logo is for the Fashion sector.

My company name is "Prestigious Lion" and I need 3 logos in total.

1 combination mark logo:  -the face and/or body of a lion at the top part -separate from everything, at the bottom, put the name of the company; in a way that makes it seem like the lion and text , go together  -the lion needs to have something that shows that he's "prestigious"; like a crown: detailed enough that the crown by itself could be a logo -just use black and white (sort of like an outline) 

1 symbol mark logo: -A well detailed crown that correlates/is similar to the style of the combination logo -just use black and white (sort of like an outline) 

1 combination or symbol logo: - go crazy on this on, but still try to incorporate the company name -try to correlate this one to the other two logos -you can use as many colors/ what ever color you would like 

All logos have to be simple/minimalistic but still be detailed