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Gesucht wird ein Programmierer der ein php-Formular in einen Onlineshop einbauen kann. 

Formular ist soweit fertig sowie alle Bausteine für das Design

The Project includes a full featured online Copy-Shop. 


The document is prepared to give a brief about the flow of the website with payment gateway.

Target Audiences

The website will target the students and customers who want to get print their PDF files.

Features and Functionalities of the Website:

As per the given reference website, this website will be the one page website with similar designs. We will

send you the best one page themes and after your approval we will choose one of them. The website will have

following sections.

 Home page: Home page will have a slider of images and basic information about the website as per

the theme selection.

 About: It will have the static contents explaining about the website and services.

 Why us: Again, it will be a static page with text to explain importance and benefit of our services.

 Order Page: This page will show the steps/ procedure to complete the purchase process. On the

same page user will be able to upload the PDF file and set the preferences. As per the preferences

selected the cost will be calculated. Once user is selected the preferences and pay using Paypal, user

will be redirected to fill the details such as delivery address etc.

 Blog: The articles and related images posted from the admin panel will be listed in this section.

 Contact us: Contact us page will show the address and contact details with interactive designs.

Features and Functionalities of the Admin Panel:

Admin panel will be accessed from the given URL to the admin by entering the secured credentials. It will

have following sections.

 Manage Orders: Orders from the website will be displayed in this section. Admin will be able to see

the order details and download the uploaded PDF file. After the completion of the order, admin can

change its status.

 Manage preferences: Admin can add/ delete/ modify the preferences from this section. To add a

preference, first of all admin has to create the categories, and then to create the preference user has

to select the category (title) and enter its name and the price for that preference per page (for

example for 80 sheets of paper Color CMYK will cost €3).

 Manage Blog: From the blog admin will be able to post the articles with images. These posts will be

listed in blog section with date and time of the post.


 Website and the admin panel will be developed using PHP. And we will use the latest design

concept to design the website.

Edit: The costumers will be able to Upload as many PDF files they want. with every uploaded PDF file the customer will be suposed to run threw the online tool to make its printing choices.