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06/11/19 17.31

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We are looking for an Agency that can help us to develop a Magento 2 Ecommerce (Multivendor platform) and Mobile App for IOS and Android.
Important for us is find a long term collaboration.
Please find below some informations that can useful for your quotation.
Of course to have the perfect quotation you will need to have a meeting but for a summary quote it is important you follow all the informations below.

• Really essential homepage, clean, easy to use.

• Multi vendor system (70% of the products are sell directly from our stock, 30% will be sold from external stores that must be able to update easily all the info on the CMS (titles, articles, prices, contents, photos, shipments, costs, etc… all the normal information needed) – External shops must be able to update products, take orders, ship orders, have statistics. Important to know is that all the products will be shipped with the ecommerce methods and invoiced by the ecommerce not from the direct shops.

• We selected this Magento 2 Theme based on Amazon layout. Amazon is for us a really efficient layout. ( ) but we are available to use also different kind of technology.

• we need to have a really fast e-commerce, it is important to have a very fast website that can open web pages in less than two seconds.

• Website must be cross browser, it must be seen on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer, Opera etc…

• We need to have an ecommerce that is possible to reach with pc/mac but also with smartphones and tablets (not responsive but with dedicated applications for IOS and Android)

• Products pages must be clear, with a compact layout (example 1), where it is possible to have a look to the pictures, descriptions, technical information, clear shipment information, clear price and easy to see, button add to chart easy to see and use, reviews easy to see, related products slideshow and recommended products slide show.

• Backend must be simple to use, it must be possible to use in the same moment from different collaborators, in the backend must be possible manage our products, our stock, manage our invoices, manage colors and sizes, manage the sizes and weight of the packaging sizes, manage the original prices and customer prices, manage logistic, manage barcodes, manage statistics, manage VAT and taxation and law disposals, manage banners and popups, manage clients orders, manage clients shipments, manage tracking shipments, manage ecommerce blog, manage clients private data, manage payments information, manage payment methods, manage credit cards information. In the backend we must be able to select position of the products on the list of the products showed.

it is important to be able to manage the parameters through which the products are placed in the listing (for example based on the number of views or the number of sales, etc.).

• The pages must have filters to help the clients in their navigation.

• Ecommerce must have a wish list

• Ecommerce must have in the backend a way to manage the coupon codes and in the front end in the chart the coupon discount.

• Really important have for the clients the opportunity (if they are registered) to buy just in one click.

• We need to show really clearly our return policies

• Important is have a way to connect the information between the external shops and the ecommerce, manage the invoices between the ecommerce and the shops, manage the fees between the shops and the ecommerce. All the external shops must be able to check their orders received, shipment information, payments and fees to be pay or already payed. Important, the shops cannot collect information of the clients or any other kind of data from the ecommerce.

• Really important for the ecommerce is have a really good way to collect clients data, navigations data and all the information about the clients (for example browser, nationality, system, navigation information in the ecommerce etc…).

• We need to have a really good customer care section with an online chat, customer email form and ticket section. We must be able to register the requests connected with the client information to be able to answer to the requests and be able to see the history of the single requests. In this way we can follow the client’s requests and give them a really good customer care and in the main time do statistics about the products, about problems or needs of the clients.

• Payments must be 100% safe and we need to show to the clients that our ecommerce take care about their safety. We will accept credit cards (we have to understand better what kind of service, at the moment we are thinking to use We would like have a really easy and fast payment section, I would like have the possibility to save the information of the client and his credit cards on his profile, so he can choose easily what kind of credit card he would like to use.

Really important is have the payment information in the same place of the shipment information (exactly like Amazon), where you can chose the credit card and the address (or you can add a credit card and a shipment address).

• All the pages must be optimized for SEO and SEM Marketing.

• The ecommerce must have a really good statistic system where we can check all the information.

• Important have cookies popup in the homepage as by the law.

• The two applications (IOS and Android) must be designed to be optimize for mobile and not to be the exact copy of the ecommerce for PC/Mac.

• The ecommerce must be able to send automatically all the information after the clients will buy a product, it is important they will receive automatically the confirmation order, invoice, tracking etc…

• Ecommerce must have newsletter section and connection with newsletter service.

• Social media section

• Pages Upsite:

- Home

- Shop

- Blog

- About Us

- Contact us

- Special offer

• Pages Footer:


- Shipping & Returns

- Orders Status

- International Shipping

- Payment Method

- About Us

- Privacy Policy


- Customer Service

- Secure Shipping

- Track Your Orders

- Contact Us

- Footer Links


- Our Blog