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13/03/21 13.58

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Hello , i'm victor nice to meet you,our actual company is providing a dm service

that reach 25kdms daily per client, the messages have the goal to achieve interested

users for what wrote in the messages.

OUR actually software wrote in node.js is having some problems due to old insagram private api

we're using , 1st problem dms are limited to 12 per account after that we get an error dming 2nd problem

is related to the challenge of new accounts

SOLUTION: can be 1st an instagram account creator, that makes minium 10k accounts daily with a budget of 1000eur at month

2nd solution: instagram private api, searching for a developer who can update the actual 1.4.3 private api and bypass the main

problem the challenge of new accounts.

REWARD 500EUR OR 1000EUR MONTHLY PER 1ST SOLUTION, if interested,capable to do it contact our mail [OBSCURED], and wrote

what you'll do for achieve the goal.

THANKS FOR YOUR TIME, hopufully you'll read this message, i know you're busy,thanks a lot.