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11/07/17 22.37

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Vorrei apportare delle modifiche a un negozio online esistente.

Il fornitore dovrà occuparsi solo della programmazione.

6. You need to update all your objects at least once per week, if possible even every day. Otherwise we will think that the not updated apartments don't exist anymore and take them offline.

5. Once you are done, you need to inform us again so we can test everything before going live

4. Please let us know in which format we can add the travel dates and the amount of guests to the deeplink so this information will be prefilled when the user clicks out to your website, example "...&from=2015-12-01&to=2015-12-08&adults=2" and please also tell us a tracking parameter that we can add the the deeplink so the traffic can be matched to Holidu, example "...&partner=holidu"

3. We will give you the key to our live API so you can push all your objects to production. Please don't push any test data to production.

2. Once you are done, you inform us so we can check if your data is alright

1. You push some apartments to our test API that we sent you. On the website that opens, you can also find our documentation. For you only the parts below "Apartment Integration API" is relevant. 

La procedura è laseguente (in inglese, sperando che non sia un problema):

Questo è il link alla nostra documentazione  API">