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09/04/12 0.54

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We have made an application using jQuery mobile and Phonegap for sending textmessages. The only thing missing now is in-app purchase for adding credits to the users account (so that he can send more messages). 

This is what's needed:

  • Both client-side and serverside programming. The server is PHP + MySql.
  • Clicking one of three buttons in our app, the user purchases credits for pricing tier 1, 3 or 7.
  • If purchase is completed and confirmed, our SQL-database shall be updated with info about the purchase: the users UUID, time of purchase, tier and amount. 
  • The user is presented with a message showing whether the purchase was successful or not

That's it. We do not wish to use Urban Airship, as they charge extra per transfer + what we're selling is just credits, so there's no need for anything to be downloaded. In other words, the plugin used to make this happen should be free to use.

The developer will be given access to our FTP server and sent a phonegapped xcode-project in which to implement this in-app purchase.