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22/01/13 11.13

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We own a kitchen manufacturing company and want to sell our goods online using Opencart and have already set this up.

However we have several kitchen ranges and need our customers to be able to choose a kitchen door range first, then go on to choose the various categories within that door range i.e base units, wall units, tall units etc.

Each door range has similar units. We have tried adding units, then having all the optional doors to each unit as an option with an upgrade on price, but this is too long winded and prone to customer error as for each unit the customer has to select the correct door additional door option, each time.

An example of what we want in action is on this site

I can't see a way using the program or additional modules that we can do this, so we need someone to help with the programming iff it is possible?

Or do we need a different approach?

I don't know what do put in the estimated project volume as I have no idea what this would be.