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01/04/21 16.31

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Development of an app in an Android and an iOS version and provision via the Play and App Store. The app is to be made available to the participants of an event lasting several days. 


The following range of functions must be covered:

- Push text messages

The admins of the app should be able to send text messages to the participants via push notification. For example, to communicate current information.

In addition, there should be a menu item "Messages" in the app in which all received messages are displayed. 

Reliable delivery of the push text messages (as notification) must be ensured on all common iOS and Android devices. 

- Password protection

The app should request a password directly after start-up. The app content should only be displayed after the password has been successfully entered. The password is the same for all users. 

- Multilingual

The app should be multilingual (German, French, Dutch). 

- Container for the display of a mobile-optimised website

Basically, the app (in addition to the functions mentioned above) should only be a container for the display of a mobile website created by us. 

An error-free display and function of the mobile website (comparable to the common browsers on the common iOS and Adroid devices) must be ensured.(The website itself is created by ourselves).


You open the app, enter the password and then the mobile website we have created is immediately displayed within the app. Via the menu you have the menu items "Info (=mobile website)", news and language settings. 


Ordering and billing is done exclusively via Twago and at a fixed price. Please feel free to write to me to clarify any open questions beforehand. All communication takes place exclusively via the Twago messaging system. 

Please do not send standard enquiries!