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27/07/15 2.28

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Ciao a tutti

Ho un portale basato su un CMS proprietario, scritto in PHP / MySql. 

Il sito è ben strutturato, basato su una struttura a template, ben commentato ma occorre qualche ora per prendere familiarità

Scrivo i task in inglese:


1) Change the design   We bought an HTML+css theme (no php, no integration with our CMS at all) and we need to apply the design to our portal. The design we bought is this:

Pages to take care are:

  •  - The home page has already been started, and we need to finish it.
  •  - The categories
  •  - The single product page 
  •  - The other pages in the footer


2) create a search auto complete where we suggest categories and products while user types

3) Find duplicates product

Create a control panel functionality to find similar product (eg: same name, same code) and show them in a interface where i can merge them

The filter should be so smart to avoid false negatives and false positives.



4) create a google sitemap that uptates every day, giving a different weight to top categories, sub categories, products depending on some parameters.


5) create (external) wordpress plugin to show products within posts

we need to create a wordpress plugin, for our blog and for external blog, to show a list of products of our database. I need the ability to add this list in any place, for example in the middle of a post or in a widget, so the best way is to make a [shortcode]

The list can have different options:

  •  - product id(s)
  •  - product categories
  •  - only top
  •  - formats (grid or list)
  •  - grid columns ( 2, 3, 4 or 6 columns) 
  •  - products link to (product page or other link)
  •  - image size
  •  - description size (characters)
  •  - limit
  •  - offset
  •  - sorting

So it will be something like this: [products format=grid columns=3 categories="1001,1002" sorting=price etc...]


To do that you have to create a simple API and export those products in json from the website (for example /api.php?categories=1001,1002&sorting=price&limit...)



Ci saranno decine di altri task subito dopo aver finito questa fase..


Sono a disposizione per ulteriori chiarimenti.

Vi prego di indicare, nel caso siate di Roma, se siete disponibili ad incontri in ufficio (trastevere) o eventualmente a lavorare da li per tutta la durata del progetto. Non è assolutamente una soluzione obbligatoria.