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01/11/13 23.31

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Hi, I need a web page in ASP.NET (VB) like this, for a site to sell solar panels: The click on the green button will simply send an email to all the suppliers present in the selected Area\Region, filtered by business field and Region of activity, two options selectable by drop-box .  This will be the part visible to all visitors, but behind I also need a mask to insert the suppliers in the Area\Region list, reserved to the site administrator (we can use a second page). So, we need 3 Lists: 1) The first one with the Italian "Provincia" (Provincia is a big town in a geographic Region) -> To fill by extracting data from an XML file 2) The second one with the Geographic Regions Name -> To fill by extracting data from an XML file 3) And the third with the suppliers data (email, name, tel, contact reference, addr and town, business field) , linked to the Regions where the suppliers works. I will provide the XML files. Thanks to let me know. Best regards, Raffaello