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We need to make a website that has 3 levels:

Panel of administration (Level 1)

Online site (Level 2)

Private Area (Level 3)


In the online website can be accessed by the users.

The Panel of administration can be accessed by the administrator/s

In the private area, only authorized people by the administrator can log in. The private area can show the content that was inserted fromt the users.


The administrator must log in. The user could choose to log in or not. The affiliate must log in.





  1. The administrator/s

  1. User

  1. Affiliate

  2. Database

  3. The front-end

  4. Panel of administration

  5. Private Area for the affiliates


Chapter 1


The administrator is the subject that can do everything, can see everything and he inserts the content (which will be questions addressed to users who will have to answer), that has to be shown in the front-end. The system sees to have more administrators, and each one will have its password to log in.



Chapter 2


The user can go to one page to the other of the website by filling the requested space freely. He/she could choose to register or not in the system. Only if he registers, his personal data will be archived.



Chapter 3


The affiliates need to log in, and beside the complete anagraphics, there will be a field where it is indicated how much credit they own (See attached file number ___)



Chapter 4


The Database will have the following tables:


Table 1: administrator_registration

ID administrator



date of birth



confirm password


Table 2: user_registration

ID user





confirm password

ID state

Privacy (consent of the data processing)



Table 3: code_section

ID section

Name section


Table 4: sequence

ID sequence

ID section

Start date

End date

Minimum sample

Actual sample (calculated sample)




Table 5: Lines

ID sequence

ID line

text question

answer type field*

date validity answer



*answer type field must indicate the type of value that should be inserted which valid answer at the question posted, for example: the administrator must indicate that if the question is “when were you born?” the valid answer must only be a date,



Table 6: Answers

ID user

ID sequence

ID line

date (automatic field)




Table 7: Affiliate_registration

ID Affiliate





confirm password

Privacy (consent of data processing)

Credit (box filled by administrator and the credit will decrease depending on the use)


Table 8: text

ID text





The front-end


The front-end is for the users (level 2) and it is useful to the administrator to post questions to the users, give them information, or ask them their opinion. The users will answer the administrator through the front-end.


The website has a series of pages:

Page 1 (Homepage) will have a white background with the logo on the top left, a frame that follows the whole page and an empty cloud (see attached file number ___). At the end of the page, there will be 5 comands, eventually applicable with others, and they must be visible to the users only of they have an active content. In the Homepage, the active comand will be: “Next”.


The cloud in the homepage will load the content from table text of the database, based on what the administrator chooses from those present, while onthe white background, it will load the image that comes from the same table.


In Page 2 only the context of the cloud will change, because it will load it from the column “text question” of table 5 Lines. To each question, there must be a space under it which will be filled by the user. This space corresponds to the space Answer in table 6 Answers.


Please Note: the space of the answer must take note of the lenghth that the answer will be. In addition, the type of data valid for the answer will be set up by the administrator in the cell answer type field.


In the cloud, option for the programmer: the cloud in the page could adopt to the lenghth of the question and the asnwer, or if the outline of the cloud remains fixed, it will be necessary that more questions (and their relative answers) are accomodated inside. This is important for a nice graphic outcome.


When the user has terminated to fill the spaces inside the cloud, he/she must click on the bottom Next. The content of the cloud will change again, loading new question/s. This procedure will continue until the end of the sequences of questions expected from that sequence.


At the end of the question and answer sequence, by clicking the botton Next, the user will be brought on Page 3 where the same scheme will be repeated (frame, white background, logo and cloud, bottons visible only if activated). A text from table 6 Text will be loaded inside the cloud and it will show (please see attached file number ___) a small table summarizing the questions and their relative answers inserted during the session. The following bottons will be activated for Page 3:


Back: to modify the answers

End: to close and save the session

Home: to close, save and start a new session

Clear: to completely cancel the session


Chapter 6 – Panel of Administration


The Panel of Administration lets the Administrator to see everything. The Administrator must be able to insert the records in all tables except:

Table 6 Answers, which is filled by the user

Table 7 Affiliate, which is filled by the Affiliates at the moment of registration.


Please Note: In Table 7 Affiliate, the field Credit must be filled by the Administrator.




Chapter 7 – Private Panel for Affiliates


We define Private Area those pages that visualize the content of the users' answers. The administrator will let some authorized people see the result of the questionnaire (who we will call Affiliates). These Affiliates will register filling a registration page and it will be loaded in Table 7 Affiliate. The visualization scheme will be articulated from the list of answers divided per subject.


Please Note: it must not be known the identity of the user, but only the content of his/her answers. The Affiliates must be able to see all the answers, with the possibility of restricting the research to a certain “Geographic Area” (search criteria).


Once the Affiliate has see the answers, he/she could contact the user. The contact abilitation will be determined from the field credit, filled by the administrator when the Affiliate registers. The value will be expressed with a “currency” data expressed in Euro. On each contact the value of the credit of that Affiliate diminishes of 5 to 10 etc. based on the setting which the administrator gives.


The Affiliate that has available credits could get in touch through a pop-up window where he could write a message addressed to that particular user. However the e-mail address of that user won't be shown, while the e-mail of the Affiliate will be shown to the user in automatic. The e-mail address of the Affiliate will be taken from its registration data.