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800 - 1.500

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08/03/20 14.00

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We are looking for someone who can help us link to our escort website.

If you have experience within the adult section or escort websites please tell us about it.

We would like to start small to build a trust and relationship before we invest more funds. If everything works out, and you're doing an amazing job, we have 8 adult sites in total that needs links every month.

For now we are looking at a budget of 75 euro to 125 euro per month.

The requirements are:

1. 50-75 links per month until we change the limit

2. The DR on the links minimum 30+

3. Atleast 5-8 links with a DR over 65+

4. An excel sheet each month over the links done, with the rows:

1. Linking domain,

2. Referring link,

3. Anchor text

4. Date for link created

5. The links needs be shared over the different weeks, so all links are not made in the same week

6. That you have worked within the adult segment

7. That you can work quickly and flawlessly

8.The links need to be from adult websites, the adult sections of the sites or from escort website