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14/10/13 18.41

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This is a extremely simple application. It is a night clock so users can easily see the time in the middle of the night. I will be providing the code for the equivalent application in android as a reference.


It should be a very straight forwad project as it took me less than a day to build in Android and, as I said, I will be providing the code in Android if needed so you can have a look if in doubt of the design.


There are two things that you will need to make sure are feasible though. I think they are but my knowledge of the limitations of iOS is also limited.

1. The screen of the iPhone/iPad needs to be kept on all the time.

2. We need to be able to control the brightness of the screen so we can dim it as much as possible without turning it of.


There wil be two screens in the app. The wellcome screen which also serves as the settings screen with a few parameters that can be controlled (like font size for instance), and the main screen which just shows the digital watch.


The current Android application I can provide the code for is just two clases (one for the menu and the other one for the final noght clock) and less than 1000 lines in Java.