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Location: Kuala Lumpur

Major re-insurance company is looking to find a partner located in KL, Malaysia, active as an offshoring IT provider, in order to partner in a regional expansion of technology distribution services (web and mobile-related)offered to insurance companies in Asia (our clients).

As this task requires empanelment of other local IT providers in Asia. Interested parties should be active in providing local insurance distribution solutions in Asia itself (hence, offshoring partners are preferred).


The task includes:

Empanel other distribution solution provider in the region (Asia)

Propose and manage tenders according to our requirements and recommend, evaluate, and monitor external vendors 

Project reporting and quality assurance for external projects and monitoring of vendors and solution providers during planning and implementation phase

Billing and centralising distribution costing functions as well as monitoring of expenses/billing to all external vendors. 

Staffing of specialists according to the requirements provided/instructed

All initiatives are executed with guidance and approval only


Conditions required:

Experience in insurance systems and reference projects

Finacial strength to prefinance expenses before reimbursement

Minimum 5 years track record of operations

Not in competition with local insurance providers


To be quoted:We would like to receive quotes on a "cost plus" basis. Please quote as a % of costs as markup for your margin only.

For operational expenses, employees (unless dedicated to project), office, tax and legal (incl handling of GST billing), banking, licensing, and other general operational expenses, pls quote a fixed amount, as this variable expenses cannot be billed under cost plus for purpose of simplification.

direct project costs and third party costs, project related travel expenses, are considered "Costs" as part of the cost plus basis quotation.