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30/12/18 18.01

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Hello, dear graphic designer,

our company wants you to use your graphic design skills for an information graphics project.

Here’s the full briefing and conditions:

1. Create one (not more!) information graphic that shows the average crowd-investing interest rates according to the data in the CSV file (download here: It's not attached directly to this project because it was not possible to upload a .CSV file.

2. It needs to be a really cool-looking chart that we can use to publish in one of our monthly articles on our website as statistics. It should look so professional that even the FAZ (, a big German newspaper, would have no problem printing or publishing it.

3. Integrate our logo somewhere visible in the graphic (at least small). The logo is attached to this project.

4. Integrate the German title „Durchschnittlicher Crowdinvesting-Zinssatz“ (in English: „Average Crowdinvesting Interest Rate“) somewhere in the graphic. 

5. Integrate the date (day, month, year) of the last update (regarding the interest rates in the CSV file) somewhere and small.

6. Optional (would be nice to have): Integrate our URL ( somewhere.

7. Output format: PNG or SVG with a maximum width of 680 pixels.

8. There’s no formal deadline for the delivery but it would be nice to have the graphic within a week after your acceptance.

9. In terms of budget, I’d like you to tell me how much it costs to make use of your service for the desired result according to the briefing.

10. In terms of the color scheme, it should go without saying that sticking to the colors that you can find on our website is a prerequisite because we’re planning to integrate the infographic into one of our articles to be published every month. That’s why I expect you to figure that out yourself or in other words: Use the main colors you can find on our website and play with it so you create the best graphic you can imagine that achieves the result we desire („It should look so professional that even the FAZ (, a big German newspaper, would have no problem printing or publishing it.“). The logo should give you a good direction :)

11. I want you to be acting as the professional who’s providing the best service he can without asking me for details that you are able to answer yourself.

In your reply please answer these questions:

1. When will you be able to deliver the infographic (which date)?

2. What is your price to produce the infographic?

There are no further conditions or constraints. Accordingly, we won't give you examples of some styles or designs that we like. We prefer that you use your creativity and your process as a professional and create the best result that meets the requirements and achieves the desired effect.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions so that we can respect your creative process :)

Also, please do let me know how your process looks like, e.g. steps of the process, the time it takes to deliver the infographic to me, the price for your service, payment dates, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you, and please do ask if something is unclear :)


- Alex

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARD THE CSV FILE: There's an erroneous bracket in the link which I can't fix in the project description. You can use this link[OBSCURED]2#v32c3cac-vzfazib7-re7kbn5s-6enjrubb to download the CSV file.


- Alex