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18/07/19 13.14

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1) Login With FB.

You can create an APP on FB at the end you can make my admin.

Please follow Login Page.bmp for the grapics

1) This is the bmp file to follow

I need this for now.

I need an app React native, you have for now to code only this page.

For now you have to code only this page Category.bmp and the navigation tab in the footer.

We insert a series of menus like this in the photo.

Where do you get the menus to show?

From here:$&email=INSERIRE_EMAIL_FB_RESTITUITA by parsing this PHP

If you parsing it on you will see menu and submenu.

This is a Menu




Title is "Simulazione1", description is "wpid_30" . You have to add it to these menu.

This is a SubMenu









So if you click on "Cardiologia", you will open this submenu with other menu inside.