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I need to change the company LOGO

My company has 2 business units, 

the first unit it's  specialized in the development of electronic systems for applications and use in automotive field; in particular systems for electrical installations, special vehicles and for the agricultural sector.

The second unit  :

 aims to develop innovative techniques for non-contact monitoring and diagnosis. The  firm arises from the transfer of electronic technology and computer of engineering to the field of medicine and biology, biomechanics and hemodynamics using a computational approach. They are designed, manufactured and tested measuring chains electro-optical integrated with direct applications in the clinical setting and at the point-of-care. The research and development primarily affect the following areas: -clinical; -doctor; -biomechanical, and biofluidomeccanico biorobotico; -bionanotechnology; and include: - Estimate of the regional distribution of pulmonary ventilation and the mechanical assisted; - Measure beat-to-beat blood pressure; - Estimate the effectiveness of vascular bypass (biological materials / biomimetic / synthetic tissue reperfusion); - Estimates diagnostic / functional peripheral arterial disease; - Estimate functional perfusion locoregional with regard to the extremities; - Development of predictive computational models of blood flow and airflow in complex systems such as the tracheobronchial tree and the arterial vascular district; - Design, construction and testing of devices biorobotici in surgery; - Design, construction and testing of nano technology devices, nanomedicinali, nanobiosensors and nanobioimaging for diagnosis and therapy.