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we are looking to recruit some talented content creators who want to earn a bit of easy, extra money on a rolling basis. Content Creators can work remotely from any part of the world.

Because we are currently working on projects that focus on simulating daily life, as one of our creators you will be asked to film and record various aspects of your days, such as preparing and eating breakfast, or working on the computer. Our hope is that this process can literally be as easy for our creators as setting up a camera and sitting down to dinner. You will be paid a fixed rate per each hour of usable content you submit.

We’d like to showcase as wide of a range of “normal” households as we can, with comprehensive ranges of people, living styles and ages. From single- and double-occupancy households to full families; from young to old; with all kinds of people, voices and accents. This means that anyone who is interested and can produce high-quality raw audio and video should feel free to apply. Our products will be available in the US, UK and German-speaking countries, so we are currently recruiting English and German speakers.

This can be a one-time job or an ongoing relationship if both parties are satisfied with the results.

As a content creator with Mitipi you will be asked to:

-Film daily activities in your house, such as making breakfast, eating dinner, doing laundry or working on the computer.

-Submit your content digitally.

-Fill out a quick questionnaire about the activities that take place in your content.

-Meet submission deadlines

-Communicate with our Content department when any questions arise.

Please feel free to have a look around our website:

Or watch this video to see one of our products, Kevin, in action: