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800 - 1.500

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18/07/19 11.44

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We are looking for a native Italian writer to develop/translate SEO optimised content for our food catering blog. 

Mandatory tasks:

- ENG to ITA, 12 short food related articles to be translated and adapted to Italian culture

- ITA native, 4 articles with Italian food related content to be produced (e.g. Aperitivo, Italian cuisine history).

- SEO Landing pages, create content according to category (about 5 different SEO optimised texts)

- ITA native, Web content creation ie. HP content, FAQ, About us etc. 

Nice to have:

- FB/IG post creation experience (text/content focused)

Deadline: end of August.

****TASK**** Translate and adapt to Italian culture the following text as a sample of the job!

"Is the office mood bringing you down more than a cold plate of soggy chips on a rainy day? Do co-workers generally seem like they would be better suited for Survivor than on a cohesive team? How to improve the office mood is a challenge that many managers and CEOs face every day. Staff moods can impact productivity, efficiency, team dynamics, and sales. Striking the right balance between employee life and work can be a difficult task, but one than can be managed by taking a proactive approach to office wellness through some achievable targets.

Food can be a mood booster or a total downer. Without providing time or options for nutritious and satisfying meals at the workplace, employees may be trying to get through long days without the energy or vitamins they need to be creative and productive. Hunger and poor eating habits can also affect moods negatively, which has spillover impacts on the general office mood and employee life. By focusing on providing office catering and office parties, businesses ensure healthy and highly-functioning staff."