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We want to realize an orderpage like you can see in the ppt.

We have different houses and each house could have the same or different dishes.
Every dish contains with different articles (which are categorized) and can be replaced with another from the same category.
For the informationpart we have to show the allergenes and nutrition-values of every dish. These are based on the selected articles.
Goal is, that someone identifies as manager of an house and makes the orders. It can be stored in the DB but the important result should be to send the order to the printer on clicking okay.

Requirements: There is no particular software-requirement, so you are free to choose but it should be free.  we are thinking about small tablets to make the input easy possible, so a repsonsive design would be helpful.

Adminpart: you see the order workflow. on the other hand we need a simple panel for the content-management.

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