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3.000 - 6.000

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International Group based in central Italy with a 20 years successful history, in order to develop its IT sector through new tools, is looking for 1 – 2 creative programmers with a solid web research and development experience for a 2-3 months project period in loco. In particular, the Group is planning the development of tools for the interaction with users and companies all over the world at various levels. The programmers will be expected to develop – under the ad hoc instructions provided by the senior officers – all the instruments dedicated to the IT enhancement of the Group. The successful programmers will be, therefore, performing a broad range of duties, such as:

participating to meetings with the senior officers;

providing the senior officers with consultancies and advises on the above subjects;

testing the developed tools;

collaborating with other experts at the realization of the projects at any level;

other related duties.

The interested candidates can send their CV at the email address [OBSCURED] indicating – among the other things - some of the more important and complex works performed.





AIMS ' 1. Creating a community

2.Getting to be known 3. Creating interaction between actors and amateurs in the industry 4. To match demand and supply For these purposes , all stakeholders should be able to enroll . IDENTITY ' / REGISTRATION To qualify, you must return to : type

1. user base

2. user pro

3. VIP member

personal data

roles ( 1 primary + secondary 2 )

specific ( sector in the role and geographical area )

areas of interest  

USER'S ACTIVITY User activity takes place along two main lines: A) Your profile with the management of:

1. their data and information of profile

2. the material assessable

3. its various material (photos, movies , etc.). 4. levels of privacy (friendships , messaging, sharing of activities , etc.)

B) Within the community:

1. evaluate the material of other users

2. carry out research (see below)

3. create connections (eg friends on fb ), potential or actual employees with the same interest

4. create clubs (see below)

5. participate in messaging , chat and video chat. NB The basic idea, then, is that the user can load two types of material: one reserved exclusively for connections and another reserved for the public sector. The material applied to connections, it is not subject to assessment of anyone; the material for public domain is part of an evaluation context - competitive (see below) with the whole community .

EVALUATION AND VALUE 1 ) The user evaluates the public material, not the people who have loaded it. 2) The assessment is based on a scale from 1 to 10. 3 ) The evaluation creates value within the community on a scale from 1 to 100 (algorithm to be studied) and depends on: - Rating of other users with value proportional to the user's voting

- The value is calculated on a weighted average on the roles chosen (1 to 3 ) - votes cast - votes received - colleagues brought to the portal - Operations and activities ( including comments and news ) included in the community In addition : 1. Overall value of the votes will vary over time based on the overall average of all votes 2. The value of the individual user petering out in the event of non-activity within the Community POSITIONING The value provides the users with the positioning and consequent authority within the user community. At the positioning of the user must be associated with certain privileges : 1. priority over other users as a result of research and potential resultant selection

2. opportunity to interact with users of equal value or equal " level privacy filter " (see later) 3. other forms to be studied

4. privileges to be studied The placement increases the visibility in terms of research and then ranking and authority within the user community. PRIVACY FILTER LEVEL The privacy filter level represents a value from 1 to 100, below its worth, to be achieved on the bulletin board with messages of other users. The levels are surmountable fee ( proportional to the gap) .

SEARCH The search can be : - direct ( name, email, password) - filtered or advanced ( with filter for sector, interest groups, clubs, etc.). The outcome of the research leads to a specific page containing the results of the research with the possibility of listing profiles or user material (the assessable one). There will be filters in the AJAX classics in order to more quickly find users or material of interest. Results are ordered according to their position in the community. CLUBS Each user can create their own club, invite their colleagues to participate and also promote it for a fee.

The quality of each club is provided by the quality and quantity of its members.

The club has its own bulletin board.

The one who founded the group is also the moderator can decide who should or moderate and can even decide who can write to the group.  

ACTIVITY ON THE WALL Updating user's status with visibility for its connections. Automatic sharing of user's activities with its links (registration groups , comments , etc.). ************************************************************************************************

PAGES BASIC USER (final architecture yet to be studied)

Board with general activity of links, their clubs and paid advertisements) (possible innovation : ability to select the number of messages / hour)

Personal Page with Profile / Levels Privacy / Level - filter Personal showcase: photo galleries, videos, scripts, demos - eligible for voting by other users (for users based on 5 jobs for each role, 10 for Plus members) My Life: multimedia in limited numbers (approx. 50), if any Announcements page : bulletin of free advertisements or advertising by private interests Public Expo: sectoral exhibitions that everyone can access . Free of charge and /or a fee. Bazaar : Market sector that everyone can access and search. Free and paid. (functionality to be implemented at a later stage) Crowdfunding: search for funds (functionality to be implemented at a later stage)

Internet TV: small box that transmits video material can be switched off according to user's interest . Premium Members are transmitted video and video random non-paying users (functionality to be implemented at a later time)