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16/03/12 15.22

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Clan Logo:
Need a Clan logo for a newly created Team in Counter Strike Source.
The logo must represent the name Team Synergetic or Synergetic.
Synergetic - meaning: Adj - working together, used especially of groups as subsidiaries of a corporation, cooperating for an enhanced effect; "a synergistic effect".
The Clan motto in english is : More than the sum of one (must not be implemented)
The Logo may not have any guns or skulls depicted.
The Logo may have 2 or more colors ( depending on the design and the end product should be a vector graphic, so it can be resized depending on its needs.
I do have some ideas of how the logo should look but i can explain it better on the telefon.
I speak english and german.
I have added 3 pics to let you get the general idea of the shape or form im looking for.
I wanted to add 3 pics but cant due to technical difficulties from twago services, so ill add links